Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Technique: Entrelac

I can finally post this on my blog, since it was a gift I had to keep it "under wraps" for a bit.  Here is a Kindle Cozy that I made for my mom's birthday.

Entrelac!  This technique is SO COOL!  Basically, instead of working a row, you work a whole square at a time, picking up stitches from the previous square, working back and forth in a little 6-stitch area, until it's time to move on to the next square!  Each "row" takes a while, but when you finish that row, you've actually completed about an inch of work.  I love that entrelac, in addition to the Noro yarn, makes it look very rustic and "homey", and at some point I would love to make a larger project for myself that plays on these qualities!

A few days after I finished this I learned about knitting backwards, which I could not wrap my mind around on Day 1, because "TOO MUCH TEKNEEKS, IZ CONFUZD!"  But I've got it down now, and it's definitely a nifty tidbit for entrelac or bobbles or places that have you constantly turning the work.


  1. I heart my new Kindle sweater. It is even prettier in person. Thank you for knitting it for me.


  2. Love the colors! What a lucky mom.