Monday, February 14, 2011

Day o' Love

So what's everyone doing for Valentine's day?

Tonight will be low key at our house, but that's because we did the big celebration yesterday, and my husband made reservations to The Chart House on Cannery Row, letting us enjoy a classy dinner overlooking the water.  I had the seared mahi and the lobster bisque, commandeered some of his prime rib, and we still managed to fit an apple and cherry crisp for dessert!  It was incredibly nice getting dolled up for a nice evening out, and husband gets 2-thumbs-up, would-date-again for planning Valentine's Day a week in advance.  He's the best!
So tonight it's my turn.  I've got the stuff for rib eye in a cream sauce over mashed potatoes, and I tried to get good photos of my ingredients only to realize that I'm slightly bonkers for trying to get the perfect shot of raw meat.  So we'll try again with the pictures after it's cooked.  And after wine!  Prepare for madness.

In the mean time, let me show you photos of my most recent WIP!  This is a Cedar Leaf Shawlette in North Loop Yarn sock weight.  The color reminds me of a bright green Granny Smith apple.

It's really cool, you knit shorter and shorter rows to create a sort of crescent moon shape, and after that's all said and done, you add little lace leaves to the edge.  I'm especially excited because I've had this skein in my stash for almost as long as I've had any skein, and I'm finally using it!  And it'll be perfect to brighten up my wardrobe for Spring.  :)

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