Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet the Meow

Here's the reason my lap is warm and I don't get anything done around the house:

This is Sundae.  Though she won't answer to that name.  She prefers Kitten!, KittyKat, Meow, the Meow, Meowf (don't judge me), Beasty, and anything that rhymes with the word "treat".

She picked us from her shelter when she was 8 weeks old, and quickly shed her "quiet, nap-loving kitten" disguise to become "I can climb you with my CLAWS!" kitten.  She calmed down a bit now that she's almost 4, but she still has a sassy streak, which usually ends in me declaring "me and the cat aren't talking!" (yes I know, it should be "the cat and I"), and my husband stepping in and trying to talk sense in to the cat in meows.

I figured I would introduce you, since you'll be seeing her a lot.  Here's one more.


  1. Sundae is TINY compared to Winnie. Actually, most things are tiny compared to Winnie.

    I'm so going to call your cat Treat.