Friday, February 25, 2011

It's HERE: Continued Some More

So on Monday I received 2 packages, my spices, and THIS:
Wine shipment, hooray!!!  I ordered 6 bottles from Wine Library (I don't know why there are only 5 there, that's weird, isn't it weird??!  OhwaitIdrankone.) and after going to the FedEx/Kinkos and showing my ID to the SuperSerious guy working the counter, I was able to bring my new acquisition hooooome!

I found this website by desperately Googling for "Paolo Bea San Valentino Umbria Rosso" after reading a particularly deliciously written review on's Eatocracy blog, and I quote: "...a wine that tastes like black cherry pie, bacon fat and mushroom jus..."  WHOA, WHERE TO BUY PLZKTHX??!  You had me at "bacon fat".  And I can confirm that this tastes like a mushroom sauce over a beautifully cooked steak (now you know what the missing 6th bottle was).  I had never ordered wine online before so I started reading reviews, with many commenting on the depth, flavor, the need to decant, and the great value of this bottle - as this winery normally sells for a much higher price point.  Additionally, the blend of grapes here should have given it a particular title: Montefalco Rosso (I could say that all day) and a $60 price tag.  I did more research, and was struck by a particular review, one that translated the Italian label in to English, that I found incredibly interesing: "in Italian at the very top of the label, it states 'and they say it lacks color and is slightly oxidized.'"  First of all, I love any time I see "they say".  You can almost hear that they crossed out the original "those idiots that don't know anything about my product say..."  Secondly, that mysterious regulatory body, "they", managed to singlehandedly knock this bottle in to the $25 price range, a price I could actually afford!!!  Dear Paolo Bea, I'm sorry "they" said your wine wasn't quite right, I shall take 3 bottles off your hands and send hugs.

Wine Library has an impressive catalogue of wines and took great care in shipping me my relatively small order.  My biggest problem so far is that I want to keep it all!  Between not knowing what to try next, and wanting to save it for just the right occasion, I only had one choice for my beverage tonight.
Ooh, it has a snack inside!


  1. Your blog is so funny! oooohhhh haaaa haaaa haaaaa (and I loved the cookie post too)

  2. Oh man, I want to get wine in the post!

  3. Between getting wine delivered and getting yarn delivered, I never need to leave my house again!