Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Marrying Bread Allowed?

This is the pretty thing that leapt forth from the machine last night.  You're probably thinking "yes, that's nice looking bread, I guess.  Would you like a high five?"  First of all, yes I WOULD like a high five thankyouverymuch, and secondly, THIS BREAD HAS NUTELLA IN IT.  If you're not familiar, Nutella is a hazelnut chocolate spread that would probably go really well with Marshmallow Fluff on a day where you want to bounce off the walls like a 5 year old.  It is candy in spread form.  You can not buy it at your natural food market, which should give you an idea of how artificially delightful it is.

So I made a little 1 pound loaf out of:

1/3 cup milk
1/6 cup water
1/6 cup Nutella
1 egg
2 cups bread flour
1.5 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp active dry yeast
1/4 cup (or extra ;P) of toasted hazelnuts, chopped - I just stuck them in a ziplock bag and went to work with a rolling pin

This all does its thing on the white bread cycle.  My machine has a 1 pound loaf capability, but I know 1.5 and 2 pounds are much more common.  Do the math as needed but leave the measurement at 1 egg regardless, and increase the yeast by 1/4 tsp for each half a pound you're adding to the loaf.  I know 1/6 cup measuring cups don't likely exist - just fill a 1/3 cup halfway.

For the record, I DID eat a piece with more Nutella on it, and actually found it to be too sweet to be enjoyable.  Perhaps Marshmallow Fluff would have been better!

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  1. Funny fact- in the UK our Nutella adverts are claiming its a healthy snack as the ingredients involve nuts and milk..... we're clearly ignoring the sugar content from the chocolate.

    Tip: nutella on baked bananas is the best end to a bbq EVER xx