Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here I Am!

I took the plunge.

I finally jumped in to the land of blogging.

For years I thought "I have nothing interesting to say.  If I think of something interesting, I'll call my friend, tell them my hilariously interesting thing, and then we'll laugh and it'll be AMAZING."  Well, times have changed.  Friends have less time, more people are turning to the internet for updates on what's going on in their own family, and I have even less interesting things to say.

So here we are.

I vow to uphold the title of this blog, and do my best to deliver good reading on good food, fun yarn escapades, and mostly of all, nothing.  That could be me ranting or raving about anything, or I suppose more aptly, nothing, as it were.

Anyway, welcome to my blog, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy!