Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Cake

I baked a cake this weekend!  Admittedly it was from a box, and the frosting was from a can, but still!  Fresh cake!

One time, someone asked me how you're supposed to get the sprinkles on the side of the cake.  I told them that I threw the sprinkles at the sides, and it was bonus points if it bounced off the plate and then stuck on the side.  That person looked at me like I was crazy.  But it works!  And it's FUN!

Yes, I am still 7 years old when it comes to desired cake flavors!


  1. I love confetti cake. It's the funnest of all the cakes. :)

  2. It IS the funnest of cakes! I also bought yellow cake mix, but why make that when I have funfetti?