Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Not to be confused with Lazy Sundae.

There are some days when I am really excited to be staying indoors and not getting out of my pajamas.  This is especially true today as this is my last "free" day in the foreseeable future.  I have 5 workdays following this, and on Saturday, I have my best friend flying in from England to visit and play with me around California!  I've packed the itinerary to keep us busy and having fun, and especially as I only have 6 days to show her how awesome Monterey and San Francisco are, there are a couple days when we are booked up to our eyeballs!  I won't go too much in to all of our plans here, because there are surprises I don't want to share yet, and things are always subject to change, but after she heads home I will want to reminisce and share our exciting adventures.  :)

So that's the next 11 days.  However, since I'll probably be shunning my husband while my friend is here (I'm glad he's an understanding guy!), he's already itching to do something fun after she leaves.  Since that will coincide with Labor Day weekend anyway, he's also considering us spending some time up in San Francisco with the long weekend.  Wyatt Cenac is performing at Cobb's that weekend, and there's just so much to do in the city anyway.  This is beginning to sound expensive, and we're now looking at 14 days of busy.  That's not even considering that I'll be stumbling back in to (albeit, a shortened) workweek after that.

And now I'm thinking too hard about having to do stuff.  Back to today.

I've gotten halfway through my second sleeve on my cardigan, and I am now running my bread machine for the second time today (the first was to test my reanimated sourdough starter - more on that once I see some results).  I'm thoroughly ignoring any cleaning that needs to be done, except for the laundry, which really washes itself when you think about it.  There's an empty coffee cup in front of me, and a sleepy kitty on my right, who is content with her recent cheese snack (since I was grating cheese anyway for that second loaf of bread).  At some point I'll figure out what to eat for lunch.  Actually, my stomach just told me that I should do that sooner rather than later.

Maybe not as lazy as I originally thought?

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