Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Project that is STEALING My Life!

My time has suddenly gone missing.

I've had hardly any time to cook, and have only done so because it's impossible for me to stop eating.  I have 5 WIPs that have suddenly gone from "active" to "ignored".  When my husband recently asked if we had any bread, the answer was no.

What happened?!, you ask.  I very suddenly and urgently fell in love with Hannah Fettig's Effortless Cardigan, and decided "OMG need it right now can't wait ONE MORE MOMENT."  9 days later (and only that long because I'm still going to work - I couldn't stop doing EVERYTHING), I have the body completed!

I'll be using the last day of my weekend to get started on the sleeves, and at this rate I'm hoping I can have a finished, blocked sweater by the end of next weekend.  I have set sort of a deadline for myself on this, because in less than 2 weeks my best friend is coming to play with me in California, and I seem to really like having new cardigans whenever I'm playing with her (I did the same thing when I visited her in England).  Can you imagine how cute this sweater will be waiting in arrivals at San Francisco Airport?  And traipsing off to a hidden speakeasy in the middle of the night?  Now you surely see where my desperate urgency comes from!

I can't continue to ignore everything else in life, so there will be more from me before this cardigan is done, but I still can hopefully show you a finished sweater very soon!

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  1. So pretty, I want one too! I can so understand this consuming your life. I'm hunting for yarn as we speak (and I have so much on the needles or waiting to be on the needles already!)