Monday, April 4, 2011

When Stash Expires

We've all had it happen.  We buy the perfect skein of yarn, saying we'll get to it when we deal with some other yarn, then we deal with that yarn and by then we have more, and before we know it, we've had some skeins for months (or even YEARS!) and decide we just don't love it like we used to, that it's time for it to find a new home where it can be appreciated and turned in to its own project.

That's how I got these beautiful skeins!  My friend Kate (who has podcasts now!) was working on decreasing her stash, and organized a mini-swap amongst several friends.  We put up yarn that we no longer had to have, and another person needed to only say they wanted the yarn, and what project they would use it for (to prevent it from just becoming another project-less stash entry).  I leapt on these 2 skeins from Colharbour Mill that are incredibly difficult to photograph (they're actually a heathered purple, blue, and red, which barely comes through in my picture) and declared that they would be socks - as close to knee highs as I could make them!  I've also realized I've acquired this yarn a couple months ago now, so I should really cast on in the spirit of our swap - no creating more stash!  Time to wind my yarn and narrow down my pattern choices!

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