Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day of Pigeonroof!

Pigeonroof Studios is one of my absolute favorite dyers right now.  She does amazing things with color, it's not too often that you can see a very multicolored skein and think that it's not overboard, but those are the skeins of hers that I drool over the most.

Remember how I said I still had one last sweater quantity coming?  Well, check THIS out!  1000 yards of Superwash DK in Saffron.  It's a gorgeous warm golden color and will make for a lovely cardigan.  I haven't made too many sweaters, but of the ones I have made I've decided that DK weight is my favorite.  DK is heavy enough that it knits up quickly (since so much of what I do is in fingering weight), but light enough that it's perfect even on a warmer day.  I can't wait to find the perfect pattern for this and wear this beautiful color, and this will be my last sweater quantity in a LONG while!  (I've shaken the bug out now, promise!)

Finally, I am so excited about THIS:
You might laugh, but I don't actually know how to spin yarn.  I once tried, and while I did ok, I got distracted by yarn that was already made and skipped off to knit.  But these colors are so bright, so vibrant, that I stalked her update for the sole purpose of acquiring this roving!  At the very least, there are shops on Etsy now that will spin your roving for you for a small fee (I know they do this at Plied Together, there may be others as well), so that's something I am considering looking in to.

Funny enough, I didn't even think I had managed to get this roving!  The checkout process that seemed to work at Paypal then failed at Etsy, and even now doesn't show as a purchase (though the Paypal did go through).  I about fell over when I took this out of the package today.  It's really beautiful and I can't even picture how amazing it will be first as yarn and then as a project!

I'm so happy with my Pigeonroof day!


  1. Pigeonroof is my favorite roving! I have none, but I'm in LOVE with it!

  2. There are Etsy shops that will spin your roving??! I so need to look into this, I have some beautiful mulberry silk roving, but am so very bad at spinning I don't want to ruin in. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Thanks for reminding me, I've added the link to the Etsy shop I know of that will spin your roving (Plied Together).