Thursday, April 21, 2011

Acknowledging Progress

It's been so long since I've actually posted about knitting, you're going to think I don't even use my yarn anymore!  I've been focusing on a couple projects right now, and they're both coming along quite well!

A while ago I posted about a cowl that I had just begun, but it was just a bunch of cast on stitches at that point and not worth going in to.  Well, now it's much more impressive, and has passed the halfway point, so let's look at how pretty this pattern is!

This will be/is the Honey Cowl by Madelinetosh, and I love how simple but beautiful the pattern is!  Within 2 rows I had the pattern memorized, and it's nice to see how quickly it grows, even though it's more than 200 stitches around!  Also, since I'm holding some fingering weight doubled, it will get over 900 yards of yarn out of my stash by the time it's done!  I know it's just a number, but knitting that up makes me feel accomplished!

I also recently talked about a yarn swap in which we made sure unloved skeins didn't go unloved for much longer, and I'm proud to report that I've passed the heel on these toe-up socks!  This is another pattern where it's so simple but so pretty, and the DK weight is making these go quickly (I'm almost half done with these!).  Something that I REALLY like about the Kalajoki socks (Ravelry link) is that the "river" runs all the way to the very end of the toe.  It's such a simple thing but all socks EVER have a plain stockinette toe it seems, and it never occurred to me how pretty it could be otherwise!  These were actually written to be knit from the cuff down, but I modified them so I could use all my yarn and get my knee highs.  This altered the original toe (which looks AMAZING in the regular pattern), but I had to alter something.  Toe up is easier to modify for me.

Sadly, I do not have a swatch for the sweater I want to do yet (yes I DO swatch!), but that will come as I start to get more things completed and I feel like I've gotten stuff done.  That will be yet another adventure!


  1. I love that blue you're using. It's looking lovely. And I really like socks with interesting patterns that go all the way to the toe as well. I also like it when there's no cuff - the pattern just starts straight away.

  2. That is a sexy sock, m'dear.

  3. Argh! is it wrong I'm thinking 'I could have made those socks?' I would not have by now, let's be honest. They're lovely