Thursday, April 14, 2011

The San Francisco Treat!

I love this city.  Look at all the different architecture in this shot!

So, my husband and I had the special treat of spending this last weekend in San Francisco.  We're not too far from the city, really, but somehow for several years we have always said "we should go play in the city" and then have never found the time.  I find that work drags me up there several times a year, but that's work, and I never get to enjoy the sights and just have fun.  Well, it was DH's birthday, and one of his favorite comedians was performing at Cobb's Comedy Club, so we finally had all the reasons we needed to party in San Francisco!

Brian Posehn rocked!
We arrived on Saturday and checked in to our hotel (which will hereby be referred to as the "hipster hotel" for reasons that are probably already self-explanatory), rested up from dealing with city traffic, and headed to the club to check out Brian Posehn, who is a big hilarious nerd.  If you're only hearing his name for the first time, be warned before checking the YouTubes - much of his stuff is NSFW.  Anyway, we got to the club and the usher walked us in, asking " guys want to sit right up front, right?" and plonked us at a table TOUCHING the stage!  DH thought this was the best thing ever, I thought "they're going to make fun of me!" and tried to behave.  Fortunately I'm not inherently a heckler, and we all had a great time we even got to meet him briefly after the show.  I always think that's so cool when a performer mingles with his fans!

Photos don't match written content as of this point.
After comedy, us and our 2-drink-minimum selves headed up Columbus Ave to the Comstock Saloon (which will hereby be referred to as the "hipster bar" for reasons that are probably already self-explanatory).  There weren't girls in corsets, nor was the bartender also the mayor, but the food was great and our bartender mixed a mean drink.  Satisfied that we were properly fed and hydrated for the night, we set off back to the hipster hotel, a half mile away (and you KNOW we walked, because parking is the worst game ever in SF).  We stopped at a Walgreen's (which will not be referred to as the hipster Walgreens.  I don't even know what that would consist of), bought a hairbrush (I always forget something) and pies (breakfast of champions), and headed on our way.  Also, yay for my phone for keeping me going the right direction and not straight in to the ocean or something!

Still doesn't match.  I just like this photo.  Why is it so tall?
The hipster hotel luckily had a checkout time of noon, so we slept hard, ate pies, and watched terrible sequels of the movie Friday starring Ice Cube while we slowly got our stuff together.  Our weekend was half gone, but the best was yet to come.  See, on Friday, I did something incredibly brave OR incredibly stupid.  Only 6 hours before our government was expected to shut down, taking "non-essential" services with it, I bought tickets to one of those things that was going to shut down - a national park.  I thought nothing of it at the time, but suddenly realized on Sunday that I had come so close to having worthless tickets to Alcatraz!  DH pointed out "I'm sure you would have gotten a refund if that were the case".  But I wouldn't have wanted that.  I had never before been to Alcatraz, and I was so excited to see up close a piece of our history!  Fortunately, disaster averted, and we spent the rest of Sunday afternoon at one of the most infamous prisons of all time.

SF dress code - sunglasses and a wool coat.
Most people wouldn't have been so smiley stepping off the boat to Alcatraz.  But that was so big, it gets a post of its own...

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