Friday, March 4, 2011

Rip and Repurpose

When Winter was closing in, I got some new heavier weight yarn, with which I was going to make myself a toasty hat.  I was eager to try Malabrigo Twist - all the softness of Malabrigo now in a plied yarn!  I received my yarn, shown here in colorway Sealing Wax, and went to work on a very cute hat pattern.  A hat was a welcome, mindless break from socks and cabled sweaters.

So I thought.

GIANT HAT.  I have a big head, and as you can see here, it fits entirely in my big hat.  I even followed the instructions as written, AND I got gauge (I really did!).  I invited all my friends on Ravelry to bear witness to my hat-fail meltdown, which included such statements as "I can't even make hats right!" and "I might as well just BUY hats" (oh, the horror).  Anyway, this hat is not salvageable, and NO, it won't fit you, I have the biggest head of everyone I know, so at this point it's being repurposed in to something that doesn't HAVE to fit.  Crazier yet, I'm crocheting it!  I will have photos for you soon.  ;D

It didn't fit her either.

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    :D I know what it's going to beeee.