Monday, March 14, 2011

I've Finished Things!

Whew, last week was LOUSY.  I spent all of it being ill, and could rarely stay awake long enough to make any progress on knitting.  When I could stay awake, everything was hard, and I often found myself zoning out in front of What Not To Wear.

It is even more amazing then, that I have completed THIS:
I know it's not the best picture.  I just pinned it out and was too excited, I had to share.  And it has BEADS!

Isn't that pretty?  It's all sparkly and stuff!  This is Juneberry by Jared Flood, and is a generally clever pattern.  It took some concentration, but I'm pleased with the final result (that the cat is now rolling on...c'mon, I don't roll on her stuff).  Anyway, now that I've got that off the needles, I can focus on socks!  I just cast some new ones on last night when I wasn't having any fun with this Juneberry!  XD
This little guy is complete, too.  He is ridiculously cute.  I can also turn his mouth upside down for hilariously distraught face.  D:


  1. Beautiful shawl. . . I know a couple of people who have made one of these recently and they are all gorgeous without exception. I mean the shawls, but hey, the people are gorgeous too!! I can feel the peer pressure building! What yarn did you use?
    Love your happy/sad guy too - he's got real character!

  2. I've said it all over Ravelry, but I'll say it again- that shawl is stunning. And you are a very clever sausage for learning to crochet a little man!