Tuesday, May 3, 2011


OK, have you seen this?  QWOP is a hilarious web game that uses 4 keys - Q, W, O, and P, to move your guy's legs and have him "run" a 100 meter race.  It's not quite what you expect, as Q and W control your thighs, and O and P control your calves, so that combined with the ragdoll physics when you fall make for laugh-out-loud moments as you have the near-impossible task of making your legs work.  If walking were this hard in real life, the human race would be known for its tendency to lay on the floor and drag ourselves places with our chins.

I can usually make it about 8 meters before I fall on my face (just like real life, LOLOL).  The other night my brother was over and we got to talking about QWOP, to which my husband said "what are you guys talking about??"  OPPORTUNITY!  I grabbed my laptop and set it in front of him with the website, and explained how it worked and the goal.  He tried it and quickly ended up with his ankle behind his head, and we erupted in laughter.  He hit the space bar to reset and try a second time, and off he went.  It was slow and steady, but soon he was up to 5 meters, 10, 20, 35, 50 meters!  He jumped a hurdle and kept going - I had never even SEEN that hurdle and have wasted countless hours playing this amazing game.  He continued on, on only his second try of the game.  Not long after, we got this screenshot:

That's just MESSED UP.

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