Saturday, October 8, 2011

Change: It's Actually Good

I don't do well with change.

I think I do.  I pretend I do.  I openly tell people "change is inevitable!  Embrace it and you'll be so much happier!" and then I grumble when I discover someone has moved the coffee machine and it doesn't work the same way the last one did and why did we buy this new brand of coffee?  The last one was the same!

I bring this up because for the last couple years we've had the same neighbor in our duplex.  It's important to know your duplex neighbor, because you're sharing a wall, you need to communicate when you're temporarily taking over a shared space, you share the same plumbing so need to coordinate calls to RotoRooter.  It's a symbiotic relationship, and a fine balance, as you want to know them and trust them, but at the same time you don't want to hear or see each other all that much!  ;P

We had a good symbiotic relationship.  That is, until he selfishly decided to move!  All of a sudden, I saw MY world being turned on its head.  Everything would no longer be the same.  Our old neighbor was so quiet - so surely new neighbors would be ridiculously loud.  Old neighbor would handle our stupid plumbing issues.  With new neighbors we'll have to do EVERYTHING.  Old neighbor would quietly come home and make his dinner.  New neighbors, I know you're going to come home and set stuff on fire on my porch!

Do you think I overreact to change much?

Today, I worked up all my bravery and went to introduce myself.  I was greeted by the sweetest young lady, who apologized for the mess (which was cleaner than my house, and I don't have an awesome excuse like "I just moved here 1 day ago"), and introduced me to her adorable toddler, Tenoch.  "You have a toddler?  I would have never's been so...quiet."  She let me know that the plumber was coming back on Monday due to some drainage issues ("you're already handling that stuff?"), and didn't set anything on fire the whole time I was there.  I was disappointed that my husband was still asleep - I wanted to show him how awesome this new person was!  I also felt very silly, for putting together such a negative image in my head of someone I had no experience of whatsoever.

I really like the new neighbors.  I hope that never changes.


  1. Tee hee and good for toddler stealing. See? You got a good one. I bet you'll be knitting wee hats for Christmas in no time!

  2. I could come set things on fire on your porch if you'd like me to...

    At least your neighbors are nice. The two across the street do nothing but glare at me.