Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A New Take on Crescent Rolls

I've been eating those addictive Pillsbury crescent rolls for years (not IN A ROW), and it never even occurred to me to do anything different than the package tells me to do - pop the container, roll in to an oddly shaped crescent, bake, and eat.

That is, until Pinterest started giving me ideas!

No longer a side, they're now part of the meal!  These are the easiest thing to do and are delicious and fun to eat.  I cook all the time and my husband was impressed with the ingenuity - it's something so simple, who would think of it, right?  Of course, being the dork I am, instead of saying "why yes, I am a kitchen genius" as a wind from an unknown source blew my beautiful hair, I instead said "I SAW IT ON PINTEREST AND YOU CAN PUT STUFF IN THE ROLLS AND COOK 'EM HERE HAVE SOME."

On this particular day, I chose cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes, and peppers.  Honestly, it comes in a second to the ones where I put cream cheese and jalapenos in with the eggs.  Those I scarfed down before I could take a picture.  But I think the real point is: you can put whatever the heck you want in these.  If you can think of 2 or 3 things that go together, you have a tasty meal.

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Chop any ingredients that you're adding to your crescent roll noms.  Peppers, veggies, cheese, cooked meats, etc.  If you're adding meat, you could probably use only 3 eggs, rather than 4, since you have another source of protein.  It's up to you.

Pop open your crescent roll container, and lay out the individual triangles on a baking sheet.  Layer your ingredients toward the wider base of the triangle, leaving the narrow part of the triangle empty.

Scramble your eggs, being sure not to over cook them.  In general, remember that if they're done in the pan, they're overdone on the plate.  In this case, you'll be putting them in the oven for another 10ish minutes, so you actually want to aim for a bit "wet".  If you want to do them like me, do this:

Put a nonstick pan over medium heat on the stove top, with just shy of a tablespoon of butter (per 4 eggs) in the pan to melt.  Crack 4 eggs in a bowl and rapidly whisk with either a whisk (duh) or a fork until a good amount of air has been incorporated and the eggs are not as vibrant yellow as the yolk would be.  Add salt and pepper to the bowl and pour the eggs in to the hot pan when the butter has melted and started to bubble.  Keep the eggs moving with a flat spatula and when you would normally take them off the heat a minute later, take them off now.  There shouldn't be liquid per se, but the eggs should be glossy.

Layer your eggs on the same spot where you've layered your other ingredients, splitting it up as evenly as possible.  Now comes the fun part - rolling these bad boys up.  I haven't discovered a particularly easy way to do it, but regardless it's fun and a little messy, so do your best and feel free to tuck any straggling ingredients back in to a roll if they escape!

Once they're rolled, put the baking pan in to the oven and come back to check them after 8-10 minutes.  The rolls should be golden brown and delicious (just like they would be without the other stuff in them).  Serve them hot, and be sure to bask in your ingenuity!

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