Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Can't Be Good at Everything, I Guess

What a fail night.

It started out promising.  I came home, turned the heat on, and was excited about trying a new recipe.  Blueberry lemon cake, what's not to be excited about!?  It even looked so pretty as I poured it in to my Bundt pan which is hilariously shaped like the tops of pineapples!

Ooh, pretty!
And that concludes the fun, upbeat part of this post.  It's allllll downhill from here.

I checked my cake after the recommend 35 minutes on the box.  Still soaking wet.  I was alarmed.  My friend Amber reminded me that bundts take longer, so I thought, "oh!  Another 10-15 minutes should do it!"

I checked after 10 minutes.  After another 20.  Another 15.  ANOTHER 15.  After an HOUR AND A HALF, and still pulling the knife out very wet, I thought "well crap, I need to cook dinner".  Fish!  I went to grab my piece of salmon, and remembered that "nooo, I wanted to mix it up, and bought seabass steak!"  Which means...I had to use the oven.  Checked the cake AGAIN, nope, still not ready.  Fine, I'm putting this piece of fish IN the oven WITH the cake, otherwise I'm not eating until tomorrow.  Stupid cake.

I removed my piece of fish from the wrapping paper, and managed to get fish juice on my sleeve.  Great.  I put my seabass in to the oven under the cake.  After a short period, it started to fall apart beautifully, so I took it from the oven.  First bite - GIANT fish bone.  Second bite - MORE GIANT GROSS fish bone.  It didn't even taste good.  It was just on the verge of still slimy.  Normally fish does a bit well right at the edge, but not this fish.  I ate about half my piece.  My husband ate only about half of his.  Stupid fish.

I checked my cake again.  It was starting to turn very dark on the top, and the knife still wasn't coming out clean.  I told myself that I was taking it out of the oven as soon as I finished opening my bottle of wine, and a full 2 hours later, I removed my very dark, yet still sadly undercooked, bundt cake.  I tempted fate, and dumped it on to a cooling rack.

At least the wine is good.  Stupid cake.

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  1. I hate those cooking nights - they always seem to come when I have something fancy planned and nothing to whip up quickly and still salvage dinner, too. Hope it goes better next time!